Volunteer Opportunities

Attention all cake and sugar art lovers!
This job’s for you!


Volunteers will help check in students for classes and make sure rooms are set up and prepared for demos and hands-on activities. Volunteers will also help in the cake hospital and the registration desk. These are the primary areas for your assignment. Of course, if something else “springs” up, you may be asked to perform a different task.

The Perks:

• Goody bag from our sponsors
• Americas Cake Fair 2017 Polo shirt
• A one-day ticket to the show floor
• Lunch voucher

Volunteer Requirements:  

• Must complete at least 10 hours
(two 5-hour shifts) to get the perks

• Must love cake and sugar art!

Please make sure you have selected any classes you wish to take first, then make sure your volunteer time slots do not overlap.  It is VERY important that once you sign up for a time slot, you are there. If you have any questions, please feel free to email volunteers@cakefair.com, or call/text Ronda Fudge at 407-791-2899.