Frequently Asked Questions

When can I meet the headliners?

Getting the chance to spend some time with our headliners is probably one of the most exciting features of our show. Get your tickets to the VIP Meet & Greet and spend 2 hours meeting your fave headliners and mingle with the Satin Ice Artists of Excellence. If you're unable to join us at the VIP Meet & Greet, be sure to visit the Cake Fair Book Store for a schedule of headliners and artists who will be signing books and taking quick pics.

What is the parking situation?

For attendees who plan on driving to the Orange County Convention Center, parking is available in the lot adjacent to West Concourse for a $10 daily fee. Additional parking is also offered at the Destination Parkway Garage.

Depending on the event, valet parking may also be available. Parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Event-specific parking areas will be listed on overhead electronic signage on International Drive and the surrounding area.

I need help logging into my account...

If you filled out the first several pages of Registration and did not complete a purchase, your account information was not registered and you will need to repeat the registration process.

If you registered and completed a purchase and are returning to review your show schedule or add on classes or events and have trouble signing in with your email address and name, please refer to the email confirmation you received after registration. There will be a quick access link to your account.

If you have lost your registration information, please take a look through the inbox of the email you used for show registration for a Confirmation email. If you accidentally deleted the confirmation please email us

Once you are logged into your account, you will have an option to edit your show schedule. To add Classes, select the "Add/Edit Classes" button. Click "Edit Information" and you will be brought to the class schedule where you can add classes or demos to your schedule.

I want to add more classes to my schedule

In order to register yourself and another guest you will need to complete all registration information for yourself and once you reach the Review page (before Payment), select “Add Another Attendee” to complete registration for an additional guest. You will make payment for all registrations at the end.

How do I register more than one person?