Class Description: Learn essential techniques, tips and tricks for using Flexique®, Flexique Instant Lace and the new Flexique Modeling Chocolate in this three-hour hands-on class taught by Flexique’s inventor and creative designer, Marilyn Bawol. Be among the first to harness the power of this new and innovative cake-decorating medium. Course includes a review of the preparation and key basic uses of Flexique and Flexique Instant Lace along with an introduction to using Flexique Modeling Chocolate with special focus on a new technique used to create a bouquet of lightweight, durable, realistic looking posies.

Work with Flexique, a new edible gelatin-based product that stays flexible indefinitely. Utilize Flexique Instant Lace to create delicate, flexible lace based decorations. Create a veined bouquet of Flexique Lace and Flexique Modeling Chocolate flowers. Take home your creations which will last.  

 Key Techniques:
mix the product by itself and with
• enhancing additives
• use texture and transfer sheets
• create filigree leaves by using
• Flexique Instant Lace in molds
• Create veined and self-curling flower petals

*All Supplies Provided by Teacher