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Extended 7 Hour Class - Cost $350

Class Description: In this extended hands-on-class, Karen will show how to create faces that look more realistic. With heavy emphasis on the underlying structure, and a few basic measurements, she will show you some of the most common face sculpting mistakes, how to recognize them, and how to correct them.
This is an intensive on the face; what causes our pieces to look older or younger, masculine or feminine, and how to have more control over those details. Karen will lead you through sculpting a youthful female face, and then will "age" her piece. This is a great way to learn how to represent age, but also to see where we are aging our pieces accidentally. You are welcome to age your piece, or leave it as is. We will focus exclusively on sculpting, and will not be adding color to this piece.

Supplies Needed: Dresden tool, leaf tool, and flower tool. Optional: feel free to bring any favorite tool you have