Class Description: Ever wonder what to do with the selection of cutters you already have? Well, I will put your wondering mind to rest. I will show you that cutters can be used in more ways than one! One cutter can be used to make several types of flowers. All it takes is a creative mind and an artistic eye.
In this class, I will use one cutter to create Roses, Anemonies and Lisianthus.  James will teach you all there is to know about the sugar flower making process and will answer all of your questions too. Being resourceful never looked better! You will leave this class with an opened mind and inspired by all things floral!

Supplies Needed: Rose Cutter Set, Rose Veiner, Rolling Pin, Medium Ball Tool, Foam Pad for Thinning, 1 pack foam centers, 1 wooden skewer, 1 pack 22 gauge white paper covered wire, 1 pack 20 gauge white paper covered wire, Dusting Brushes, 1 packs small black stamens, 1 pack small yellow lily stamens, Green Floral Tape, Wire Cutters, Tweezers, Cell Board.