Taught by: WENDY BEGY

Class Description: In this 3 hour hands on class from Wendy Begy, learn how to decorate one cake in four completely different ways. Master fondant techniques with the use of molds and cutters. Learn to create stripes, polka dots and bows. Create a stunning bas relief cherry blossom detail and learn to work with wafer paper.

Supplies Needed: Dummy Cakes (10" x 7", 8" x7" - All Square), Cake Board (12"), Dowels (to secure cake), Work Station Mat, Small Rolling Pin, Cherry Blossom Vein Mold, Tappet Edge Cutter, Triangle Cutter, Square Cutter, Round Cutter (Small), Ruler, Paint Brushes, x-Acto Knife, Wheel Cutter and Gloves.