Class Description: This class is designed for beginner to advanced students; anyone who would like to perfect their cake decorating piping skills.  Learn several key techniques in buttercream, used since the beginning of cake decorating.  All borders taught during class, could be used for birthday and wedding cakes and could be done in a variety of different mediums; buttercream, whip cream and royal icing. All techniques completed as time permits and students skill level of cake decorating & piping skills; a must for anyone doing competition and wanting to learn how to pipe perfectly.

Supplies Needed: 6”x 4” Styrofoam cake dummy placed on a 10”x 6” x 1 ½” round beveled cone; covered all as one entire cake with rolled fondant, placed on cardboard base board 2” larger than base (Guildcraft Furniture in PA carries the cake dummies required). Apron, Cake Box, and Flowers (Small plunger gum paste flowers or royal icing toothpick roses – 50-100 pc.