Class Description: In this 3 hour hands-on-class presented by Marta Torres we will learn the basics of Royal Iced Cookies
• Study of the Design
• Transferring the design to the cookie
• Understanding the concept of decorating for a 3 Dimensional effect
• Volume, 3D
• Texture
• Fur effect (2 kinds)
• Snow effect
• Wafer paper usage
• Use of powder colar for Depth
• Shading and brightening
• Use of Gel food color

Supplies Needed: 1-A4 sheet of Tracing paper, Soft Pencil, 1 Edible Marker (point extra-fine like Rainbowdust, in chocolate color), Roll of Kitchen Paper Towels, Plastic wrap, Small Scissors, Scribe tool or needles (scribe makes a better work), Box of disposable pipping bags, Piping tips (1.5 and 2 (if PME), or 1 and 2 (if Wilton)), 3 piping couplers for pipping bags, Brushes (0 or 00) please make sure they have soft hair but can be synthetic ), Brushes (no. 1 and 2 please make sure they have soft hair but can be synthetic), Disposable plates (plastic) or plastic palettes for mixing colors for painting the cookies.