Class Description: 
• Cover cakes in fondant and stack
• Press red modeling chocolate into mold. Trim, remove, and set aside
• Roll modeling chocolate to 1/8th inch
• Cut 3-4 sets of petals depending on size of the peony
• Smaller buds are created by attaching petals to foam ball on wire
• Dust peony center and petals
• Adhere petals to the center using piping gel ad let dry
• Paint leaves onto cake using oil and petal dust mixture, easiest to start with stems and add leaves as necessary
• Adhere peonies with melted chocolate

Supplies Needed: Cake Dummies (4" x 4", 6" x 4" and 8" x 5" - All Round), 10" Foam Core Board (Round), Peony Cutters, Peony Mold, 1" Styrofoam Balls (x2), 18" Gauge Paper Wrapped Floral Wire, Petal Dust (Green, Red & White), Paint Brushes (Small) and a paring knife.