Taught by: LUCIA IM

Class Description: 
- Introduction to Korean buttercream flower cake
- Buttercream introduction (characteristics, recipe)
- Basic Color study
- Flower tools introduction
- Flower piping techniques: 5 types of flowers (Rose, Mini rose, Peony, Hydrangea, Snowberry + flower buds and leaves)
- Basic cake icing
- Flower assembling on cake (crescent design)

Supplies Needed: 2-Flower Coupler, Flower Holder, Assorted Flower Nozzles, 12" or 14" Piping Bag, Parchment Paper, Small Silicone Spatula, Small Square Acrylic Panel, Small Size Offset Spatula, Small Size Icing Scraper (5.5"/6"), Food Save Gloves, Dummy Cake (6"H x 5"W), Square Cake Base (7"), Cake Box (7"), Turntable, Flower Nail (No. 7) and Flower Scissor.