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Class Description: Cake artist and DreamWorks Animation artist, Fernanda Abarca, will be teaching you techniques of capturing expressions through timed “gesture blocking” with modeling chocolate. Gesture drawing is one of the key exercises for Animators, teaching the artist how to capture the essence of a pose quickly for reference they can use effectively in their animations.

In this class students will learn to identify basic shapes and quickly capture facial expressions through a timed blocking method. This technique allows the artist to loosen up, have fun, and create a full face without laboring on one feature for an extended period of time. As a result you then have 1-3 fully blocked faces to later go back to and refine. Please note that faces will be unfinished as we will be focusing on the techniques of shaping and blocking.

If you are a cake artist wanting to take your sugar/cake sculptures to the next level. This is a fun class you don’t want to miss!

Supplies Needed: Rolling pins, x-acto knives, small self-healing mat, silicone mat, tight fitting gloves (6 pairs), flat sculpting brushes (small, medium, large – suggested variety brush set golden Taklon by craft smart, 7 piece set), makeup brush set (suggested Uspicy 32 pieces or similar), sculpting tools, silicon color shaper brush (size 0, piping tip round #10, #12, and #806

For tool suggestions please review Fernanda's Recommendations

Later Event: October 14